Welcome to the personal blog of Jay Abbott, this site is just here “because I could” and because occasionally I have something to say. When such an occasion strikes I like nothing better than shouting random thoughts into the blogosphere in knowing that no one will ever hear them or care. Think of it as a form of therapy.

Linux Defence Tweaks

If your planning on using Linux in a hostile environment, i.e. the Internet! then its worth thinking about some simple little tweaks to the TCP/IP stack in conjunction with some funky firewall madness to keep your box your own, and not end up “owned” too quickly!

Lets start with the TCP/IP stack. There are a number of quick easy wins here that can help defend against attacks through making the default behaviours of the stack more in-line with what we would like: Continue reading “Linux Defence Tweaks”

Free Security for All!

Its time for a small reality check. Security does not have to cost the earth. Just because your a large corporate with over a 1000 employees doesn’t mean you “have” to buy brand name security. In fact, I would argue quite the opposite, invest that money in some quality people, treat them well, and get 10 times the return on investment you planned. Continue reading “Free Security for All!”

Do Credentials equal Credibility?

This is a debate I regularly get into with my team. Personally, I think that yes, credentials can bring credibility with an audience, or with a prospective employer. Lets look at how this works:

C|EH (Certified Ethical Hacker). Anyone who has been in that area of work for a number of years will state that the C|EH is rubbish, and, of course, they are right. Having done the qualification, I can vouch for the fact that it is a tools based approach to hacking, with a heavy slant towards using windows as your Continue reading “Do Credentials equal Credibility?”