B-Sides 2013 Mix

ProgressiveIn honour of the crew @ B-Sides 2013 and @Dantiumpro for developing a cool cipher challenge for the UK Cyber Security Challengers  to mess with, I have come out of retirement, fresh for 2013 (all be it a bit rusty!) more to come!

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2012 Custom Deck Stand

Back in 2008 I wrote an article on an idea for a new deck stand. After a few years of not needing one as I migrated to a midi based solution that fitted on my desk, I added a few more bits of kit and ran out of space. So about mid 2012, I ended up with 3 days free in my schedule with no family or work and decided to build a new platform. I designed a fresh platform from scratch but used the same MDF sheet approach to keep costs down. Continue reading “2012 Custom Deck Stand”