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Jabawok Industries

Innovation is at the heart of what we do.

Integrity is in all that we are.

Intelligence is what we bring to you.

Platform Architecture

Next generation highly scalable transactional architectures designed to horizontally scale against demand in realtime. With built in real-time and batch machine learning and analytics capability there is no limit to the application of our core platform technology within your business.


On the cutting edge of transactional flows is ledger technology through crypto asset solutions. Our expertise extends into the crypto space where we can help you understand its potential application of crypto technology within your business up-to and including the provision of public or private chains. 


We have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the right technologies to achieve your goals. With years of infrastructure, architecture, security, development and cloud knowledge, our experts can and will deliver the value you are looking for. There is no technology space we cannot assist.

Cutting Edge Tech

Our platforms leverage the latest technology approaches from the best of the open source technology world. Advancements in the way applications are deployed, scaled and operated provide system architectures that are self expanding, self healing and 100% dynamic in management of demand and costs. Gone are the days or a large team managing a suite of servers. We work in the cloud with native cloud technologies to deliver agile, dynamic platforms.

Globally Distributed Solutions

Beyond just a single cloud, we   build cloud agnostic platforms that live in multiple clouds simultaneously. Our platforms utilize global traffic directors, geographic load balancing dynamic multi-cloud scaling and other propriatory advances to deliver you and alwasy on transactional architecture that can scale to millions of transactions per second. 

Integrity, Innovation, INteligence

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