I have performed a large number of public speaking events both for external organisations and on behalf of numerous organisations. I cover topics related to my specific disciplines, but can cut across the technology landscape with ease and I usually put a unique angle on it to keep it interesting.

The following briefs provide an overview of  some of the more popular presentations I deliver:

  • So you think your safe? – This is the latest live hacking demonstration, designed to bring home the true exposure of using mobile technologies. The presentation demonstrates how vulnerable mobile devices are to attack, and uses this to help educate the audience on how to think about the cyber threat in a context relevant to them and their organisations use of technology. This high impact demonstration can support any Information Security, Information Assurance, or Information Governance based event, where a demonstration of the risks can support other speakers agenda’s, as well as make the issue real to the audience.
  • Cyber Attacks & Live H@x – This session will look at the Cyber threat with a view to breaking down an attack into components that make it easy to understand. At each step of the way we will look at the who, why & how of the attack so as to better equip you with the knowledge needed to operate a safe and secure business in the modern highly connected technology aware world. Alongside the presentation itself will be a series of simple live hacking demonstrations designed to bring home the concepts discussed and demonstrate the impact in a tangible way that will open your eyes to the ease of the attacks and impact of the breaches.
  • The Cyber Threat Landscape – This session will look at the Cyber threat landscape with a focus on who is doing what and why. We will look at the threat agents, what motivates them, what their goals are and the economy they are a part of. We will pay particular attention to your sector and the relevance of these threats to you before looking at a logical model of control that can be employed to better cope with these threats.

If you would like to book me for your conference, or would like me to speak with a private group within your organisation, please get in touch with me via the contact form on this site, and I will be happy to advise you of my availability.

Please note that this list is no longer maintained and is now
maintained on my business site, here.

Past speaking events include:

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