Anything that can be engineered by mankind…..

……can be reverse engineered by mankind.

Its a simple mantra, but one that has served me well in security.

Think of of this way, it doesn’t matter how intelligent you are, someone, somewhere is more intelligent! When it comes to security this is never more true. As we all know, security is asymmetric, in so much that the effort required to secure something is significantly more than that required to break into it. Given this point, it makes the mantra even more relevant! If security was symetrical, you would have a 1:1 effort relationship, however, as its not, (we will for the purposes of this article assume its 2:1, i.e. double the effort required to secure), it would theoretically take less brain power than it took to create the control to break it.

Obviously I accept that this is a very simplistic representation of the point, but one I think is valid.

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