Snort Rocks!

Ok, its been ages since I actually had snort up and running, so long in fact that the last time I used it, ACID was still the best way to deal with the alerts! Well after a couple of days (well a couple of hours here and there at least) I have a fully functional set of snort sensors in place on public and private segments of my networks, all feeding to a centralised database with “BASE” handling the analysis! woohoo. small victories are the best! Continue reading “Snort Rocks!”

IISP Top Gun event, Manchester, 30 June 2008

Courtesy of the Institute for Information Security Professionals

As I mentioned in the opening CEO article, the inaugural Top Gun event in Manchester was a great success on many fronts.  We had 20 participants, organised into the Red and Blue teams, plus 5 members of the Control Team, and the day just seemed to fly past, so intense was the concentration, interaction, ingenuity and fun. Continue reading “IISP Top Gun event, Manchester, 30 June 2008”