My New Toy (APC40)

Well it has been a while since I treated myself so the other day I stopped by West End DJ on my way into the office and I picked up an Akai APC 40. In fairness it was my birthday and I used that as a feable form of excuse for the expenditure, but I have a semi clear conciense as a reslut and another oh so sexy toy to play with!

This toy really is the ultimate in Ableton Live control, extending the interface litterally to your fingertips and bringing a whole new world of possibility. You can read all about it on Akai’s site, but if you really want to see the potential, check out these YouTube links that just sum up the potential in full from my perspective:

Ok, so its going to take me a while before I get  this good, but thats what its all about.

……watch this space 🙂

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