Investment Complete!

Well, despite wanting to spend thousands of pounds on the perfect setup, I decided I had to transition away from Vinyl completely first and get used to the fully digital interfaces. So, in my usual, straight out of left field way, I bought myself an M- Xponent and some new speakers 🙂

The Xponent is an awesome tool, it is the perfect transition medium for anyone thinking of moving into digital and is very well featured. Its a little on the plastic side, and the faders feel like they are fisher price, but it works like a dream and is portable enough to follow me around the country!

I now have two primary setups, home & away.

Home is the Xponent, married to my main desktop feeding a pair of RP6G2 Active Studio Monitors, and it sounds awesome!


Away is the Xponent. married to my X200s Laptop & feeding a pair of M- AV20 portable studio monitors, although it lacks base, it has punch, power and clarity and lets face it, we don̵;t want to piss off the neighbours in the hotel now do we 🙂


I still suffer from the age old problem of not actually having time to use this lot, but the away kit helps with that problem a fair bit, so once I get fully transitioned, expect a flurry of new mixes on the way!

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