Project Halo

Please note, Project Halo is now being continued by Chris & Samir over on the facebook page. I no longer supply controllers.


Project Halo started as a concept to integrate BMW Angel eye style DRLs into the 159/Brera/Spider triple headlight configuration. Initial development work was completed by myself & YonasH. YonasH pioneered the first sets of Halo’s in a kit form that could be bought and installed as a DIY solution, however both of our efforts to disassemble the headlights resulted in failure or breakage and the only viable solution was to cut the lenses off, install the rings and glue the lenses back on. Continue reading “Project Halo”

159 Custom Bass Project – Stage 5 Wiring

The final stage was putting all the wiring in place. I opted for 4 gauge cable from the battery up front and a 4 gauge earth in the rear, both connected back to brass 4 way distribution blocks so I could pull 8 gauge runs to amps and the line converter. This also left me the easy upgrade route for adding additional amps to run upgraded mids & tweeters in the cabin, but that’s another project!! Continue reading “159 Custom Bass Project – Stage 5 Wiring”