Cylon V5.2 Technical Schematic

Technical Schematics for the V5.2 Cylon Design. The Zip contains a PDF, SCH and a TXT file. The SCH file needs to be opened in RS Components Design Spark Software (available Free of Charge) but is a fully editable master version.

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Arduino 10LED Cylon Sketch (Version 2)

A simple sketch for the arduino that performs a cylon / night rider effect over 10 pins, utilising software based PWM to get around the 6 x PWM limit of the ATMega328

Note: their is an if / else function in this code that initially lights all 10 LEDs for 5 seconds before starting the cylon effect which can be removed easily.

Please note: you will need the SoftPWM.h library to use this sketch.

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LED Tracer Project

Entry level project for the Arduino for those looking to blink more than one LED!

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