Installation of the Rings


Installation of the rings is very easy. Each ring is a near exact size match for the lens so they are easy to place in the right ones. For reference, the rings are:

  • Inner lens = 95mm
  • Middle Lens = 90mm
  • Outer Lens = 85mm

Step 1

Each ring comes with a small black box attached to it. This is n in-line power regulator that if you connected them directly to the battery, would save the rings from bursting into flames and generally being quite terrible at their job.

First job is to get rid of them! That̵;s right, we don’t need them as the controller modules regulate the power instead and use an principle known as Pulse Width Modulation to alter light intensity.

If you leave them attached the controllers wont be able to regulate the light and it will all generally just fail quite badly, so literally cut them off and leave yourself a ring with two wires (x3).

Step 2

Start by covering the outer lens plastic with tape or other material that will prevent accidental scratches. It is also recommended to wear latex gloves whenever you are working with the reflector or lens housing to prevent fingerprints and grease marks.

First separate the reflector from the plastic lens by removing the 4 screws holding it in and gently pulling it apart.


Step 3

Next, just place the correct ring into each of the lenses and secure them with a small amount of glue on the back edge of the ring. They are a tight fit so glue is optional.


Step 4

Make sure that the wires from the rings are towards the top of the headlight as we will run the wires over the top NOT underneath. This is due to the fact that the bonnet slightly overhangs the light units on the car and so the wires at the top cannot be seen unless the bonnet is lifted. If you run them underneath it is possible to see a small amount of wire when looking at the lights on the car.



Make sure you have double checked all surfaces for fingerprints, smudges etc and removed and cleaned as necessary and then install the reflector housing back into the lens unit and screw it back together.