IISP Top Gun event, Manchester, 30 June 2008

Courtesy of the Institute for Information Security Professionals

As I mentioned in the opening CEO article, the inaugural Top Gun event in Manchester was a great success on many fronts.  We had 20 participants, organised into the Red and Blue teams, plus 5 members of the Control Team, and the day just seemed to fly past, so intense was the concentration, interaction, ingenuity and fun. Continue reading “IISP Top Gun event, Manchester, 30 June 2008”

A new platform

ok, I have had an X25 deck stand for years now, and it is actually quite good. Its stable and well put together, and of course, holds enough of the basic equipment to keep you up and running. Of course, as I expand my setup, I have come to basic realisation that what I need, is actually a simple flat surface. So me, being me, I opened up visio and knocked this up: Continue reading “A new platform”

Decision made

Native Instuments – Traktor Scratch

This is the final choice and the result of much deliberation and research.

It would seem that for the most part its a two horse race, Serato vs Traktor. I’ll give you the highlights to make it simple. Serato is very very stable, easy to use and generally a rock solid solution to mixing MP3’s. Traktor has less reputation for stability but so many more features Continue reading “Decision made”

CD or Vinyl

So many people use the term “Digital DJ” and rely on CDJ’s to make them sound good. Personally, if you can’t make Vinyl work, you need to go back to basics and earn your stripes.

Don’t get me wrong, i understand the simplicity of the CDJ’s and the obvious sound benefits of CD, but they are just too clinical.